What is The Pump House?

Over the course of history, Bengaluru has seen quite a few transitions. The city has seen the formation of the first domestic water pump in Hesarghatta, in 1896, to the introduction of many a beer pumps across microbreweries by the late 2000’s.

With the decades flying by, India’s IT capital emerged as a pub-city dotted with over 1000 bars. This brought an era of hole-in-the-wall pubs and organized beer-drinking with friends – over classic-rock on the weekends.

As various parts of the country converged, taste in food, music and identity evolved to demand a greatness bigger than the sum of its old and new. Craft beer culture thrived in this potent mix.

Against the backdrop of this classic pub-city, today we will find an establishment matching Bengaluru’s very nature – of being abundant in simple pleasures.

The Pump House is a Brewpub the quenches the city’s thirst for Craft beer of an excellent kind. This place will get your spirits high, inhibitions low and cravings satisfied – all of this and more – one too many indulgences at a time.

When you want to taste of some finely crafted brews matched only by food that reflects the cities warm spirits, this is where you end up looking for all things comforting – to get Tastefully Wasted.

About us

What was once the first water pump that quenched the thirst of the city of Bangalore, has made a comeback as The Pump House — a brewery that now quenches Bengaluru’s thirst for chilled craft beer of an excellent kind. This place will get your spirits high, inhibitions low and cravings satisfied — all of this and more — one indulgence at a time.

When you want a taste of some finely crafted brews, in the backdrop of India’s classic pub-city, The Pump House is where you end up looking for all things good and comforting — to get tastefully wasted.

The Pump House India Pale Ale is a heavily hopped beer with tropical fruit and citrus based hops. We develop a complex array of flavours by mixing a healthy addition of wheat to a blend of speciality malts. This turns it into a full-bodied caramel beer with hints of chocolate and roast.

We make The Pump House Wit with nearly 50% wheat. We ferment spicy Belgian yeast at slightly higher temperatures to bring a clean roundness to its wheat sweetness. To flavour the beer further, we make a hey addition of coriander seeds — late in the boil — alongside pink peppercorns and bitter-sweet orange peel.

The Pump House Blonde is quite heavily hopped for a light beer. We pair Nelson Sauvin hops with a low terminal gravity of about 1.5°P in this beer. This brings out dry white wine like characteristics to its body and mouthfeel; while still maintaining a crisp malt taste with high effervescence.

We brew The Pump House Hefe by adding complexity to the traditional banana & clove beer with caramel and rye malt. We dry-hop the beer with US & German varieties, after removing the bulk of the yeast. This introduces lemon and citrus notes to its flavour.

We make The Pump House Stout with jaggery, wheat and various speciality malts, which give malt-rich sweetness to the beer. Roasted malts add a smooth yet subtle touch of coffee & chocolate to balance the sweetness and heat. We then introduce locally sourced roasted coffee beans to the whirlpool, along with more than 2 kilos of tropical hops, to further enhance the dark roasted flavours from the malt.